Windscreen repair and replacement

Chips happen when you least expect it; a stone on the road or loose debris can cause the smallest of damage to your windscreen. While it's easy to ignore, a chip can start small but quickly increase to a crack due to vibrations, bumps in the road, and temperature drops but don't worry T.Reeve are here to help.

We'll always try to repair your windscreen before considering a replacement, saving you time and money. If your unsure, pop by our Brighton garage and our team will be able to take a look and advise. Depending on your insurance policy, we may be able to repair it for free.

If the crack is too severe, our expert technicians are fully trained to carry out windscreen replacements efficiently and quickly as possible.

ADAS calibration (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) has been developed to make driving safer and improve the driver's comfort and experience. This usually means in most modern cars; these systems use a combination of cameras and sensors that are built into the windscreen.

The calibration is the process of realigning ADAS cameras and sensors during a windscreen replacement but don’t worry we’ve got this covered for you as well.

For a free windscreen inspection, please contact our expert technicians now.

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